Capitalisation of On Track project

Based on several work carried out before by researchers and education providers the status of graduate tracking as important measure for quality education and a better connection between labour markets and related education is rising. The Erasmus+ project OnTrack (“Tracking Learning and Career Paths of VET graduates, to improve quality of VET provision”) is an important puzzlestone to this development, which – at European level – is cumulating in the recent capacity building activities supported by DG EMPL and carried out from a project group lead by Ecorys (including 3s as partner of the OnTrack project). The overall objective of these activities is to support the European Commission’s effort in designing, coordinating, implementing, monitoring and helping the EU and European Economic Area countries to build their capacities to prepare the ground for a European graduate tracking mechanism in higher education (see also EAC-2020-0312).

Workshop in Greece : Graduates tracking survey

On Monday 16 November, IDEC organized a workshop for VET organisations, and presented the methodological guide for the establishment of a graduates tracking system. The step by step methodology was presented to participants.

Second Meeting

The second meeting took place the 9th and 10th of May 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria. We compared the tracking context of each country and set the necessary steps to create the Tracking system!


Promotion of On Track in Kosice

The ON TRACK project has been promoted in Haló TU which is a quarterly magazine published by the Technical University of Košice. It informs students, academics but also the general public about what is happening at the university, news, interesting things from the world of technology and research. It introduces life at university, informs about the success of faculties or departments, opportunities for employment in practice, but also about social events.

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First Meeting

The first meeting of O n Track project took place in Vienna, the 15th and 16th of November 2018. We could finally meet all partners physically and plan a detailed roadmap to achieve the aims of the project.
The aims of the project are:

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Pilot implementation to IEK DELTA

IEK DELTA, partner in On Track project implemented the graduates tracking survey during May 2020,. Through an online questionnaire sent out to past graduates, through email.

During the pilot implementation of the survey, IEK DELTA adapted the survey questionnaire, trained its staff and adopted a procedure for the running of the survey, which will be embedded to the quality assurance system of the organization.

Third Meeting

On 3rd and 4th of September 2019 took place the third meeting in Cyprus. In this meeting we defined parameters for the Tracking system and carefully planned the piloting phase.


On Track workshop in Kosice

April 29, 2020 the workshop with VET providers in Slovakia has been organised as an online event. It was caused by the fact that restriction on corona virus have been still applied in Slovakia.

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2nd Newsletter

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