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The online multiplier event with the title «What is the OnTrack tool and how it can be utilized and implemented by VET providers» was organized by Intercollege on December 3, 2020.

The event is part of the OnTrack project activities, in which Intercollege participates as a partner. The project is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The aim of the project is to support the design and implementation of a graduate tracking system by VET providers. Graduate tracking measures aim to support organizations with the collection, analysis and using of data especially in relation to the employability, career progression and further training of graduates as well as to provide an insight to the degree of graduates satisfaction in relation to the study programmes they have attended. Graduate tracking analysis can support VET providers to: (1) strengthen career guidance for prospective students, current students and graduates; (2) support the design and update of curricula to ensure that learning outcomes better respond to the industry needs; and (3) improve the overall quality of programmes and services provided.

The overarching need, goals and benefits of graduate tracking measures for VET providers and how the OnTrack tool can contribute to the development of such measures at the provider level, were presented by the Intercollege team namely: Louiza Papaloizou, Maria Theodorou, Fani Papamichael and Stella Dimitriades. In addition, the results and the challenges arising from the implementation of the OnTrack survey in Greece were presented by Dr. Konstantinos Kiousis from IEK DELTA and Natasa Kazantzidou from IDEC A.E. Finally, Melina Andreou presented an overview of the activities which are being implemented by the Career Success Center at the University of Nicosia in order to support graduates in order to achieve their professional goals.

The event was concluded with questions and discussion.


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